the smart urban delivery platform

We enable a fast, flexible same-day delivery within the city - instantly or at a desired time.

Shipping in notime

Deliver goods and earn money

You've got the online orders. We deliver immediately or within the desired time window.

You choose when and how long you wish to work.

Online-shop • Local store • Restaurant • Pharmacy

Shipping in notime at all

Whether you sell flowers or run a restaurant, pharmacy or local shop. You sell, we deliver.

Full service

Drivers pick up the orders at the store and bring them safely to the customer.

In time

Customers receive the order in the shortest time or within a predefined time window.


Orders are sent to us through our website or automatically over our secure API.

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Deliver the goods - earn the reward

You just need wheels under your feet: everybody can join

Monday, Wednesday or Sunday

You choose your own working time

At the place where you are

Turn the city into your workplace

Healthy benefits

Earn money while being on the road

Get started

Courier companies

Increase your fleet utilization.

Easy to use

With a standard web browser and mobile apps for your drivers you keep control.

In no time more earnings

Receive new jobs directly from our platform.

Increased efficiency

Orders are bundled for routes in order to maximize utilization and minimize empty trips.

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Customer Story

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6 April

Der PickupPoint am HB Zürich: Online-Bestellungen dorthin liefern lassen, wo Ihre Kunden täglich vorbeikommen

Zusammen mit der SBB hat notime kürzlich ein Pilotprojekt gestartet. Mit der Kooperation wird es für Online-Händler möglich, ihre Bestellungen direkt an den ... Learn more

30 March

notime ändert das Vertragsmodell

notime hat in den letzten zwei Jahren sukzessive neue, effiziente und ökologische Logistiklösungen entwickelt. Ein Ziel von notime ist es, flexible ... Learn more

7 March

Das IT-Logistik-Unternehmen ALSO spannt im Bereich der Logistics Services mit notime zusammen

Am 20. März 2017 starten notime und die ALSO Schweiz AG ihre Zusammenarbeit mit einem dreimonatigen Pilotprojekt. Der etablierte Schweizer B2B Marktplatz kann ... Learn more

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