Earn money on the go

Deliver the goods around the city & earn money

flexible and straightforward

You need more exercise?

Working for us means you are outside, in the fresh air and keep fit by moving around.

No vehicle on your own? No worry, we have a fleet of them.

Try something new and climb steep roads easily with our powerful, fast and safe e-cargo bikes.

You want your friends to excercise?

Bring them along, or expand your circle of friends. We all pull together - and it is fun!

Tired of staring at the screen the whole day?

Your workplace is outdoors. That's what we call freedom.

A work schedule as flexible and individual as you are?

With us you choose your own working time. Be it on the weekend or only once a week... It's completely flexible, this week like this, the next like that.

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Take off and earn money while being on the road

First of all, you need to be reliable and punctual. Apart from that, we need you to have your own iPhone or Android smartphone. We can organise the rest.
As soon as you have all the information you need, you can submit your application online. We will check it and contact you. If everything is OK, you will be invited to an induction. After that, you're all set to go!
We offer different shifts in the morning, afternoon and evening depending on the city and day of the week.
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