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At the customer's door, at the right time

Predictable, hassle-free and on-time delivery leads to significant customer benefits.

The receipient chooses the delivery time.

Immediately or at a given time.

The delivery time is precisely kept.

We are able to deliver in time windows with durations of a minimum of 20 minutes. Planning just becomes easier.

We deliver to wherever the customers wants

To the office, home or to the friends you are just visiting ... It doesn't matter as long as it's in our region of coverage.

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This is how it works

Actually it's really simple. Your customer buys from your online shop. Our platform receives the order. Our fully automated system allocates it to the most suitable driver and the tour on the relevant driver's smartphone gets updated - By following the instructions on his screen the driver ensures that the goods are delivered within the given time window. And all this at unmatched rates.

Your customer buys online
Via secure API it is sent to the notime platform
You prepare the order at the pickup location. Our driver picks up the goods within the agreed time window
The driver delivers within the agreed time window

Hassle-free and efficient

Deliver goods with state-of-the-art efficiency, and without having to build up your own fleet? Yes it is possible!

thanks to our comprehensive service

As soon as the order is sent to our platform we take over. Planning, dispatching, delivery and even invoicing if necessary. We only require you to have an e-commerce site and that you can ensure that goods are ready on time.

using our pool of courier drivers

To date we have more than 100 highly motivated drivers and a growing number of fast, green city vehicles.

without the need to have your own fleet

No time consuming searching, hiring and managing of your own drivers. Our drivers are ready for you.

thanks to our fully automated system

Orders are automatically allocated to the most suitable driver, at the right time. This ensures high efficiency and low costs.

because notime platform is scalable and flexible

No matter how fast you want to grow, your delivery capacity grows with you.

notime platform builds on many years of experience in IT, logistics and distribution. A growing number of Swiss and international companies use the notime platform for their deliveries.

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The notime difference

Using highly sophisticated algorithms we combine many different shipments.
Our system works fully automated
We optimize utilization of the drivers better than anyone else in the market.
Our couriers follow smart, dynamic checklists and are frequently rated.
For a start you need an e-commerce platform, for example a webshop. Orders are transmitted via our secure API to the platform. Check out for more information.
Of course! Using a mobile app your couriers can be integrated into the platform. Please contact us so we can discuss details.
At this stage we focus on larger urban areas within Switzerland: Zurich, Basle, Bern, Winterthur, Geneva and Lausanne. We are evaluating other cities and countries at present. Is your city not on the list? Please contact us.
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